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Warmly congratulate the party branch was named Baoji City, "advanced Party branch"!


[ Time:2015-07-10 | Browse:636 ]

June 28 morning, the Taiwan Area non-public party organizations celebrate "July" awards ceremony flag flying in non-public enterprises speech contest kicked off, accompanied by the national anthem, all non-public party organizations to celebrate the party's 93 members year-old birthday. Party non-public enterprises in order to stimulate all love 'Party of faith, by the non-public enterprises Party sent representatives to participate in the "flag flying in non-public enterprises," keynote speaker generous you passionate speech, attracting the audience applause. Our workshop staff Zhao Minru also sent as a representative, has been wonderful to share leadership at home, finally we made a third prize good results.

When the end of the eight outstanding speaker performance, led by the outstanding representatives of party activists oath, firm voice, the familiar oath, expressing each party activists and firm conviction nursing party, never betray determination.

After that, the award-winning units and winning the award by the Trade and Industry Bureau staff leaders, congratulations Our branch is Baoji non-public party committee as "advanced Party branch", our general manager Miss Wang Suyun personally receive the award.

At the same time congratulate our sales department Li Baoxia was "outstanding member" Honor!

Finally, on behalf of our brothers and all the leaders and units of intimate pictures taken.

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